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Last updated: 20:54 on Aug 27th, 2020
*manufactured count includes masks that are currently getting sanitized, ironed and packed (apart from already distributed)

What are we doing?

This is a small initiative to help people prepare for the new way of life in the post COVID19 world. In this time of chaos that has adversely affected almost all human life, the most vulnerable section of our society has been hit the hardest. Restrictions or not, people need to/will/are getting out irrespective of whether they have access to protective gear of any sort or not. Following this line of thought, this initiative is to manufacture & distribute double layered *reusable* cloth masks to the people who do not have access to them, and hence provide protection to them and the ones who come in their contact while also supporting local businesses.

It initially started off on 2nd May 2020 as a small family project with a thought of manufacturing about 500 masks and distributing them to sections of society that need them most. After figuring out the basic manufacturing process involved, we procured the raw material from a local cloth supplier and coordinated with neighborhood tailor to manufacture the masks according to recommended specification. As of now, we are at 5000+ masks thanks to enormous effort from my parents and generous contributions from friends & family.

How are we doing it?

Below video describes the process of how these masks are being manufactured and distributed.

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